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For choice and unusual plants grown and sold in a beautiful garden
What a whirlwind its been, talks in Newcastle and Kent, on following days (not good planning), masses of propagation and some lovely weather interspersed with very chilly nights. The woodland has looked great and the Tulips fantastic, now the herbaceous borders are burgeoning with many different textures and different hues of green. The swallow box I put up last year is now inhabited but by a sneaky blackbird rather than the intended recipient of my largesse. Still waiting for interest in the house martin nests, perhaps an errant wren or robin will find it to their liking! Again we have nesting Moorhens so visitors in about two weeks time will be able to see adorable black fluff bundles scooting in and out of the vegetation. After the winters labours of emptying the large bog garden, relining it and improving the soil we have finally replanted it with many new plants, 4 different Eupatoriums, rare Phlox, Monardas and Astilbes, I hope to see the fruits very soon. Dr Andrew Ward 5/05/2015


Verbena 'Bampton' Excellent purple foliage on a wiry plant covered from early summer with bright pink flowers. Very rare, & hardy. Sun or light shade well drained sheltered site. Supposed to be a V. officinalis var. but looks more like a V. hastata hybrid to me.
Family: Verbenaceae
Position: Sun
Soil type: Well drained
Height: 18"
Min. temp: -16°c
Price: £5.50
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