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For choice and unusual plants grown and sold in a beautiful garden
A belated Happy New Year and apologies to those of you that struggled to access the site over the past few weeks we're now on a brand new server, so we hope all the recent disruption to the site is behind us. Thank you for your patience. If you look carefully there are signs of plant life returning. Its been a lot colder here this year than last and we have had minus 8.6 degrees C and the pond was frozen enough to take my weight and cut down all the marginal plants! I did expect to see Winter box (Sarcococca) in flower and Snowdrops but not a lone and unknown Daffodil. Annually, our earliest clump (actually bought many years ago as N. poeticus, the latest var.) usually flowers in late Feb and this year is just showing buds, so to see a beautiful, perfectly formed mid-sized Daffodil was a sight to gladden the heart. Lets hope that there will be many sights like this to come over the next few months. 14/1/2015


Verbena 'Bampton' Excellent purple foliage on a wiry plant covered from early summer with bright pink flowers. Very rare, & hardy. Sun or light shade well drained sheltered site. Supposed to be a V. officinalis var. but looks more like a V. hastata hybrid to me.
Family: Verbenaceae
Position: Sun
Soil type: Well drained
Height: 18"
Min. temp: -16°c
Price: £5.50
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