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Norwell Nurseries

Welcome to Norwell Nurseries

We celebrate the fact that BBC Gardeners World has just done a feature on one of our sister National Collections of hardy Chrysanthemums at Hill Close Gardens in Warwick. This will be shown in March 2017, we stock most of the Chrysanths they have. We are now open but you might want to read News. before you come!

Welcome to those of you who have found out about us through the early October issue of Country Life, we were delighted with the feature on us. Also welcome to those that saw us in the September / October issue of the Landscape Magazine.

About Us

We specialise in rare and unusual herbaceous perennials as well as Cottage Garden Plants, Woodland plants, shade lovers, hardy Chrysanthemums, hardy Geraniums, Hemerocallis, choice bulbs and Grasses. All are grown in our inspirational gardens which are free to look around (except special charity days, when a small fee is payable) whenever the nursery is open. We have the dispersed National collection of Hardy Chrysanthemums and hold over 140 varieties.

Norwell Nurseries and Gardens have again been invited into the highly prestigious Gardens to Visit in 2017 book and website. We are the only gardens featured in Nottinghamshire.

Open-well yes, nearly!

Tuesday 28 February 2017 at 22:51

We always set ourselves the task of opening on the first of March, a task which focusses the mind, whereas most other, sane, nursery folk defer until spring really has arrived and open in April. This year we seem to be less prepared than ever I always bemoan the fact that February has only 28 days a few extra would make all the difference, perhaps a good forty day month. Anyway, it is still very wet here, the builders are coming tomorrow to dig a long, very messy trench right through the main lawn between the herbaceous borders and we should be open-what can possibly go wrong? If you want to come, bring wellies (and possibly a hard hat and high vis. jacket), if you are in no rush come mid March, you will always get a warm welcome but by then it should be a calmer one!

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Looking for a unique gift idea - how about a personalised Norwell Nurseries Gift Voucher? Ideal for a keen gardener when you just don't know what they have or haven't got. With 1,000 different plants, many rare and unusual, there will be something they are desperate to grow in their own gardens. 

See Orders page for further details.

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