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For choice and unusual plants grown and sold in a beautiful garden
Norwell Gardens Open day for the National Gardens Scheme coming up on Sunday 28th June (1-5pm and Wednesday 1st July (6.30-9pm) Two extra gardens than those mentioned in the yellow book so seven gardens plus the church and plus the allotments (not bad for £4-children free) plus the most delicious homemade refreshments. Please come and see our beautiful village and some lovely interesting gardens. Oh for some settled warm summer weather, on the 8th of June went out at midnight to find the grass very crunchy, frosted all over and -0.5 degrees C. Dahlias bore the brunt! The good weather of last year has meant that the Roses are particularly good this year, the perfume from the Rambler Rosa Norwell fills the car park and beyond even Rosa moyesii Geranium has finally, after quite a few years, decided to provide a show. The bog garden which we replanted this spring is filling out but the Ligularias were not making the growth I expected, an inspection one warm evening revealed 52, 3 inch long slugs doing their best to bonsai it. The last time I wrote at the start of May I was expecting the Moorhens to hatch a brood the next day. When I went down that next day a predator had been in the night destroyed the nest in the middle of the pond and the eggs were lying at the floor of the pond. Perhaps a fox or mink could have done it although the latter has not been seen here. For weeks the adults didn't seem to be interested in starting again and then on the 10th of June a new nest appeared, they were back on track. I hadn' t realised how back on track they were however, as on the 11th they appeared with 2 chicks and by the 12th 6 balls of fluff were being fed and cared for. It now seems that they had made a nest in the top of our flat headed leylandii hedge to avoid the predator and then fell to the floor to come to the pond nest. They are more sensible than I would give them credit for. The six have now been whittled down to four and they are growing fast, but well worth coming to see even if plants aren't your thing. A note to Nicholas who came with his Mum a few weeks back:The blackbird seemed to abondon her nest but obviously didn't as she is now feeding at least one chick.We also have a new nest under the potting shed staging which is very visible to all and sundry -you do get to feel very responsible and protective to all these baby birds! Dr Andrew Ward 22/06/2015 (It's my Birthday today!!!!)

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Norwell Nurseries

Welcome to Norwell Nurseries

We specialise in rare and unusual herbaceous perennials as well as Cottage Garden Plants, Woodland plants, shade lovers, hardy Chrysanthemums, hardy Geraniums, Hemerocallis, choice bulbs and Grasses. All are grown in our inspirational gardens which are free to look around (except special charity days, when a small fee is payable) whenever the nursery is open.

Norwell Nurseries and Gardens have again been invited into the highly prestigious Gardens to Visit in 2015 book and website - we are still the only gardens featured in Nottinghamshire.

The Gardens and Nursery are now open (see opening times for details) we look forward to seeing you.

PLEASE NOTE, New mail orders will be held over until mid to late autumn as plants will soon be too large to send. Existing orders will be sent this spring.

Looking for a unique gift idea - how about a personalised Norwell Nurseries Gift Voucher? Ideal for a keen gardener when you just don't know what they have or haven't got. With 1,000 different plants, many rare and unusual, there will be something they are desperate to grow in their own gardens.

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