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For choice and unusual plants grown and sold in a beautiful garden
After a quiet August, having a few days away we are now reopen for the autumn. The nursery is bursting with colour, Try some of the new Persicarias if you haven't got any yet. They fizz with dark reds, orangey pinks and soft pink or white bottle brush-like flowers for weeks. Looking good with grasses and the autumn daisies. Some are grown for their foliage, P. Red Dragon is now well established in gardens but newer is P Purple Fantasy, mint green leaves heavily marked in purple. Our grassoretum comes into its own in the autumn (its a more swishy version of an arboretum) with some of the Miscanthuses making annual impressive statements, growing over 14ft in 5 months, unfortunately this years weather has not been good enough to get them to flower. When these monsters do they are overtopped by huge burgundy plumes. Come and see all these delights for yourselves, the Asters are just about to come into their own and the Chrysanths haven't started yet but remember the end of October isn't that far away and then we shut for winter! Dr Andrew Ward 2/9/2015

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Norwell Nurseries

Welcome to Norwell Nurseries

We specialise in rare and unusual herbaceous perennials as well as Cottage Garden Plants, Woodland plants, shade lovers, hardy Chrysanthemums, hardy Geraniums, Hemerocallis, choice bulbs and Grasses. All are grown in our inspirational gardens which are free to look around (except special charity days, when a small fee is payable) whenever the nursery is open.

Norwell Nurseries and Gardens have again been invited into the highly prestigious Gardens to Visit in 2015 book and website - we are still the only gardens featured in Nottinghamshire.

The Gardens and Nursery will be open on August Bank Holiday Sunday and Monday and then daily apart from Saturdays and Tuesdays through September and October (see opening times for details) we look forward to seeing you.

PLEASE NOTE, New mail orders will be held over until mid to late autumn.

Looking for a unique gift idea - how about a personalised Norwell Nurseries Gift Voucher? Ideal for a keen gardener when you just don't know what they have or haven't got. With 1,000 different plants, many rare and unusual, there will be something they are desperate to grow in their own gardens.

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